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a piece of the history of Venice starting in 1868 arriving to our times today

Our History: Passion, Venice and Hospitality

1868 - Associazione Mutuo Soccorso

July 12, the company Mutuo Soccorso is founded. “This association of boat, shuttle and transport workers is formed in order to improve the conditions of its art…”, begins the founding charter, an intelligent form of organization intended to help deal with the difficulties caused by illness, injuries, poverty and old-age, faced by the Venetian boat workers.

1948 - Cooperativa Daniele Manin

The “Daniele Manin” company is registered as a corporation in 1948, when the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting of the “Vittorio Fasan” company voted to officially change its name.


The Cooperative thus born, first with intentions of social and welfare assistance, little by little developed towards wider horizons, reinforcing and expanding its activities of transport via gondola to other areas: maintenance of the gondolas and other traditional boats, and all the works that the Cooperative took care of, managing the boat yards, at Ognissanti, San Trovaso and on Giudecca.


The Daniele Manin company is responsible for socially elevating the category of the gondoliers, both from aspects of social welfare and cultural impact, organizing courses of foreign languages, an initiative which proved particularly useful for the gondoliers who during the summer season were in increasing contact with outsiders.

2007 Gondolieri Travel

The Gondolieri Travel Agency is established in order to organize the invoicing of the gondola services in all the stazi and traghetti stations in Venice, while proposing at the same time tourist services for visitors arriving and Venetians travelling elsewhere.

2009 Gondolieri Travel

The Gondolieri Travel Agency joins the Robintur network, becoming the local reference for members of of the Coop Adriatica in the historical center, the islands and on the mainland whenever they look for tours organized by the main Italian and international tour operators.

2010 Gondolieri Travel

Gondolieri Travel S.r.l. was founded during reorganization of the Daniele Manin Cooperative.


Despite its young age, Gondolieri Travel has become the main reference point for the management of gondola services thanks to the valuable contribution of its members/partners, the Gondoliers of Venice. We are well known for and specialized in creating and developing the best experiences in a gondola in Venice.


Gondolieri Travel S.r.l. offers the possibility with its services to explore and discover Venice as only it can do, as only the gondoliers can do, knowing better than anyone else their own city.


We lead you with enthusiasm and passion to discover Venice as only the Gondoliers can show it.