moving around Venice in a gondola

Classic Gondola Services

discover the magic of Venice from a unique perspective: the water

You can’t really say you’ve visited Venice without having taken a gondola ride, the city’s means of transport par excellence.

Are you ready to be lulled by the rocking of the waters and emerged in the magic that is Venice?

Symbol of elegance, tradition and discovery, the gondola will allow you to admire majestic architectural masterpieces overlooking the water and beautiful views, from an unprecedented view.

We operate every day with two types of tours to meet all needs with original and custom itineraries, both for private customers and for agencies.


How do I find my Gondola?

You just need to show your voucher to one of the gondoliers at the boarding point of the Stazio Gondole (Station) which you selected.
On your voucher the name of the Stazio you selected is written.
The gondolier will help you to your private gondola.

Can I show my voucher on my SmartPhone?

Yes, it is possible to show your voucher on your SmartPhone.

Will I have to share the gondola with other people?

No, our gondola rides are all private, there is no one else riding with you.

How many people can fit in the gondola?

The gondola carries a maximum of 5 people, including children

Can I bring a stroller on the gondola?

The stroller will be held for you at the Stazio where you board the gondola.

What happens in case of bad weather?

In case of inclement weather (rain, snow, strong wind, exceptionally high or low tides) the gondola ride cannot take place.
It is possible to set a new time and date contacting us beforehand by email, or arranging a new time and date directly at the Stazio you have chosen.

Is the tour guided?

During your ride, the gondolier can point out important points of interest and sights along the itinerary, if you desire; it is not a professional tour guide.
It is possible to add a professional guide on board for a guided tour (occupying one of the five seats).
Contact us via email for more information and costs.

Does the Gondolier sing?

The gondolier doesn’t sing. It is possible to add two musicians in the gondola with you (they occupy two of the seats).
Contact us via email for more information and costs.

Can I move or change places during the gondola ride?

For your safety it is not allowed to stand up or move in the gondola during the navigation.

I would like to start or end someplace different than the packages listed, what can I do?

You can contact us by e-mail to verify costs and availability of e personalized tour (for example from Point A to Point B) following an itinerary you specify.

Can I give a gondola ride as a gift?

Of Course!
just choose the package you want and click on “BUY AS A GIFT” instead of  “Ticket Booking” to receive a Gift Certificate.

How do I buy a private gondola ride on your site?

Purchasing on-line is simple and safe, with just a few easy steps:

  • select the experience you prefer amongst our rides, tours and packages;
  • select the date and time;
  • for 1-5 people (1-3 with the serenade) pick one gondola (the price is per gondola, NOT per person);
  • fill in your personal information and proceed with the payment;
  • you will receive a Voucher to show before the boarding time at the Stazio or meeting point you have selected.

Any difficulties? Contact us via email for more information and assistance.


Classic Gondola Ride

This type of gondola ride allows you to appreciate the beauties of Venice beginning at strategic points spread throughout the city. Select your favorite boarding point from the ones below:

Choose the most convenient starting point and book your private gondola ride in Venice!

Danieli - Bridge of Sighs Gondola Ride
Dogana - Grand Canal Gondola Ride
Gondole Bacino Orseolo - Rialto
Gondole Accademia - San Trovaso
Gondole Santa Sofia - Rialto Mercato
Gondole San Tomà - San Polo

For any other starting point, please contact us directly for information:

Contact Us >

Venice has always had its own rhythm, to be discovered meandering the small alleyways and travelling the canals, better yet in the silence of a gondola.