experience Venice in a gondola

Gondola Package Deals

the beauty of Venice is mirrored when seen from the gondola

Personalized Gondola Rides

To make your private gondola ride even more special, we can offer you the possibility of a one-way itinerary.

While the traditional gondola ride begins and ends at the same point, we can organize a one-way trip, with a personalized itinerary based on your requirements, ending at a distance from where you began.

And that’s not all! We also have a series of packages combining the gondola ride with other services on-board, such as:

Gondola & Cicchetti

A taste of the typical Venetian “finger food” accompanied by wonderful local wine during your gondola ride.

Gondola & Serenade

Be seduced by the splendour of Venice through its best prospective and let us escort you with a characteristic and romantic music background.

Gondola & Prosecco

Seduced by the splendors of Venice, riding your gondola, sipping a bottle of fine sparkling prosecco wine.

San Polo Guided Tour in Gondola

An expert guide on-board the gondola with you, sharing history and anecdotes of the sights as you travel through 1600 years of Venetian history.

Gondola & Dinner

This package we call “a table for two”, a perfect solution for the couple who wants to enjoy their gondola ride in the evening and end up the restaurant, for a romantic, candlelight dinner with a breathtaking view.
(psst: it’s also available for groups larger than two too)

Cannaregio Guided Tour in Gondola

An expert guide will explain the history and share anecdotes about the buildings and people that have lived there over the centuries.

But not Only in a Gondola…

Gondolieri Travel makes excursions and extra services available for your time in Venice.


A marvelous experience we propose is a candlelight dinner on-board a Galleon, navigating through the lagoon and the Basin of San Marco.


How can we miss out on a Tour through the royalty of the Venetian Lagoon’s other islands: Murano, Burano and Torcello, or treat ourselves to a private celebration on a Bragozzo, a typical fishing vessel; on-board you’ll sip excellent wine and eat a splendid seafood meal with fish freshly caught from the beauties of the Lagoon.

Choose one of the services we offer here to turn your dreams into reality.
Islands of the Northern Lagoon: Murano, Burano and Torcello

Exploring by floating on the water, in the silence of a gondola, gliding through the canals: that is one of the rarest beauties of Venice.